Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dispirit - Rehearsal at Oboroten [MC] (2010)

Download via MegaUpload

This band has apparently been around for 10 years and just released their first rehearsal tape.  Holy shit.  If this is a mere rehearsal and they are seasoned veterans of playing live, I curse my mid-west roots more than ever.  The flag-bearer of this noisy, mid-tempo black metal band is John Gossard of Weakling and Asunder fame.  It's like he took the shoe-gaze-ingly addictive USBM melodies from the former and combined it with the heavy trudging pace of the latter, then threw in gallons of raw production (possibly owed to the fact that this is a rehearsal tape, I dunno, we shall soon find out with the next release).  I really hope the production stays like this.

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