Friday, December 10, 2010

Thorazine Gaze / Marsh - Split [MC] (2010)

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Obscure split between Thorazine Gaze from Pennsylvania and Marsh from Minnesota.  The Thorazine Gaze side starts with a Xasthuric riff which totally amped me up to get depressive with my tape deck for the next 10 minutes.  What followed wasn't exactly what I expected or craved, but took that brief depressive mood and morphed it with raw, passionate black metal punk. Marsh begins their side with a dark ambient piece that drifts between industrialism and drug-coma for awhile, sating my craving for depression that Thorazine Gaze built up to, but decided against delivering. Now cue the post-punk black metal madness.  Yes, this combination has been bullied unto many albums, especially splits, but this ain't your mommas post-black amalgamation.

If there's one thing this cassette has in spades it would be passion.  Passion is the brownish DIY tape that holds the grab-bag of ideals found on this tape together; Thorazine Gaze moves between depression and raise-your-fist incitement, Marsh journeys from feelings of being lost, finding forgotten technologies, and building new hope.  Raw.

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