Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drowning the Light - The Land of the Dead Sun [MLP] (2011)

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A very bizarre release.  Azgorh teamed up with Shatraug, Molestor, and Stormheit during his tour thru Finland and this record was the product.  That in and of itself is very normal; just some bros makin' beats, but I am infinitely baffled as to why it has nationalist themes..  Australia and Finland, so oppressed, so stained with blood together by those big bully Christians.  But, yeah, this record rips.  Buzzsaw guitars, tortured shrieks, and one of the gnarliest bass tones I've ever heard, it sounds like a mechanical shark dropped 8 octaves through a pitch shift pedal.  And as odd as the nationalist themes on this record are, they do set the backbone for some pretty triumphant riffs.  Hail victory Finlandaustralia I guess.

(Oh, and my bad about that annoying ground buzz between tracks; I'll rip it again)

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