Monday, January 17, 2011

Controlled Bleeding - Hog Floor [LP] (1991)

Download via Megaupload

Controlled Bleeding's "Hog Floor" is a unique mashup of early harsh noise material and beautiful keyboard ambient soundscapes. The first three tracks are fucking BRUTAL. Take note all Mac Book Pro noise "artists", this is how noise is meant to be made. The first three tracks can be likened to an oil refinery being set ablaze by napalm bombardments. Guaranteed to make you anxious and make your ears bleed. Play at maximum volume. The B-side is much more calm, almost relaxing. Lots of lush keyboards. Also, I didn't split up the B-side. It didn't feel right for me to do it. So, now you have a 20 some minute Controlled Bleeding song. Just what you always wanted.

more pics after the break.

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  1. I couldn't perhaps trouble you to re-post the link to another website, could I? It would be greatly appreciated. I could kick myself for not downloading this after the first time I saw it, but then again who could predict Megaupload would have been taken down.