Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ensorcelor - Urarctica Begins [MC] (2010)

Download via MegaUpload

Ensorcelor is a beast that was gnashed and ripped into existence by the icy winds of Montreal, Quebec.  This band sounds like if Baton Rouge's sludge factory Thou had a copy of the Satanic Bible accidentally dropped into their anti-government book queue at the local library.  It just sounds evil.  It's refreshing to have a band that conjures up this evil atmosphere without solely screaming "naaaaah Saaaatan" into the mic.  Pure blackened doom with sludgy riffs and just the right amount of melody to pull your head out of the water before it casts you deep into this muddy swamp.


  1. lyrics are Lovecraft inspired.

  2. get the cassette here: