Saturday, January 15, 2011

Os - Twelve Truths [LP] (2008)

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Haunting, and shrouded in mystery, Os's album, Twelve Truths, is a testament to the impending downfall of civilization. With only two songs, one each side, this record drags you through sludge and darkness, never relenting and never ceasing the punishment. It might be cliche to say, "The vocals are tortured shrieks," but that's exactly what they are. They are distant and soaked to the bone in reverb. It sounds like they were recorded in a public pool or gymnasium. It's basically all mid-range frequencies. Harsh as fuck. The instrumentation is evil and dissonant raw as fuck sludge. Pure fucking insanity.

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  1. Hi, is it possible for you to up this one? Can't find it anywhere for preview. Thanks!

    1. agree i can't find this great masterpiece, If you find any link to download would be very grateful if you send me the address to [ ] thanks