Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drowning the Light - The Blood of the Ancients [LP] (2009)

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Since firmly establishing his place amongst the titans of the Black Metal scene with his 2007 releases "Through the Noose of Exist[e]nce" and "Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride", Drowning the Light mastermind Azgorh has been releasing cult albums with a vampiric fury.  The downside of Azgorh being so hyperactive in releasing material is that some complain his albums are stale, having maybe one or two unique songs and the rest filler.  However, The Blood of the Ancients does not suffer from lack of creativity.  I view it as a new wave of DTL; stepping away from his usual of heavy symbol crashes and Xasthur-ish leads, Azgorh has been branching out and experimenting with a much more epic sound.  Normally I hate that description in metal, but there is no other way to explain his new style of half-clean, half-growl melancholic vocals gutted between beautiful keyboard melodies.

Truly beautiful and overflowing with melancholy, "The Blood of the Ancients" brings a new element to the follow-the-leader nature of black metal.

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