Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness [PicLP] (2005)

Download via MegaUpload

Satanic Tyrant Werwolf's LLN-worshipping opus.  Despite controversial and arguably marketable political beliefs, Satanic Warmaster has captured the ear of many a black metaller with his catchy melodies and harsh sound.  "My Dreams of 8" is one of my personal favorite black metal tunes of all time, as the melody is hauntingly intoxicating and the vocals are spot on.  Definitely a must have for any fan of raw black metal.

As a side note; every rip I've heard of this album seems to skip and bug out on track 3 - True Blackness.  Rest assured that this is not just a hand-me-down of the same ol' buggy rip.


  1. although there are some catchy parts to this, i think this dudes a complete sham, and marketable indeed. his drumming is fucking terrible. ALTHOUGH the dude from vordr does bang some skins on this as much BETTER BM out there. FUCK NSBM, fuck the NS ties this guy has too.

  2. I totally see where you're coming from, but, honestly, my brain is incapable of taking this guy seriously. So I think my appreciation for what he manages to create is unhindered by my impression from his skewed political beliefs.

    Any recommendations for what you'd like to see on here?

  3. I agree with about not being able to take him seriously. I mean, the guy is in fucking Armour. And, True Blackness talks about how amazing Satan's erect phallus of fertility is. But, we should totally rip that Vordr lp I have. I forgot I had that.