Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obsequiae - Demo [MC] (2009)

Download via MegaUpload

Three tracks of some of the most beautful black metal and proggy-doom from Minnesota. I saw this duo about two years ago. It was two guitarists and a drum machine in a dark room. They played without any vocals, but it was still one of the best shows I have seen. This tape is just as good as that show, if not better. It has vocals, and some of the best riffage and drum programming I've heard. I'm not sure if this is still available. Bindrune put it out, limited to 100. This is copy #100. Enjoy.


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  2. The drums are not programmed. They are real. Since there was no drummer or bassist to play with the band, the show you saw was the drums and bass tracks from the demo recording played back over the P.A. while Neidhart von Reunthal and Blondel de Nesle played the guitars, also as on the demo.

    Cheers. \m/ \m/