Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gris - Il Était une Forêt... [2xLP] (2007)

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These Canadian sonic titans, formerly known as Niflheim, simply know how DSBM should sound.  No bullshit 7th grade emo poetry for lyrics (atleast not that I can understand); no insert tremolo riff, layer screams, rinse, repeat; just pure, unobstructed, hateful depression.  However, they do not limit themselves to sticking within the bounds of that very specific depressive sound, e.g. the final track is a piano piece that is brilliantly emotional but yet calming.  And that would be the crux of what I love about this album, it's not just dsbm, it's a dichotomy that screams in melancholy when the album is taken as a whole.  In a way, Il Etait une Foret drifts in waves between misanthropy and serenity etching a polarizing grain on the shores of your pallet.

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