Saturday, February 12, 2011

Locrian / Harpoon - Split [EP] (2009)

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Locrian is a two piece band from Chicago, Illinois. I saw them play at Heavy Focus III last year and they blew me away. It was simply guitar, vocals, and synths layered with harsh noise. They stood out to me so much because they so easily mixed all the best elements of doom, black metal, and noise. Killer shit. On this release, they team up with the drummer of Velnias to create a killer 5 minute, 20 second long black metal track. Keeping with the theme of the blog, their contribution to this split is raw and atmospheric. Tortured vocals and fuzzy guitars make this very familiar, but with enough variations to keep it interesting and original. The packaging is also totally sweet. The 7" comes in a nice, stamped cardstock foldout cover. Killer release. Oh yeah...and then there's this other band, Harpoon. Why...seriously. Why.

more pics after the break.

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