Sunday, February 13, 2011

Musta Kappeli - Saatanassa Ulvoneet [MLP] (2008)

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Uh oh, that Molestor is up to his old antics again.

What I've heard of Anal Blasphemy I wasn't too fond of; but, it's kay, this outlet for his "sigh Finland is soooo boring" productivity is focused more on wolves and satan than on penises and ejaculation.

This album is dark and sharp; mid-pace black metal made brutal and inevitable.  The chugging battlewagon only halted by some out-of-place keyboards that are trying to tie in with the "black chapel" theme of the band but falling short.  A name means alot in a band, it sums up the desired atmosphere or hopefully helps to illuminate it.  So, maybe I'm missing something when I listen to this and think more of a Nattens Madrigal-esque "wolf in man" rather than a satanic chapel churning out demonic hymnes fore his glorious rebirthe.  Also, the clean vocals are pretty sweet.

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