Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sigh - The Curse of Izanagi [EP] (2010)

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<rant> I'll be honest; I hate how my love for Sigh is becoming more and more of a guilty pleasure as the band gets consumed with their Lacuna Coil-like marketing strategies.  Mirai makes a name for himself and his band (perhaps in lowercase italics, but still a name) keeps evolving it over a period of 20 years, then apparently gives it all up and yields control and front(wo)man-ship over to the Jessica Rabbit meets Beetlejuice of Black Metal.  Nice career move, Shadowking.  </rant>

And that's half of what is so great about this EP; it represents a different side of modern Sigh.  The reimagining of The Curse of Izanagi is even more brutal and hateful than the original (which all curses should be).  Definite highlight of the release.  Unfortunately they seemed to rush the production of the EP and threw filler tracks onto it.  I mean, the covers of Spiritual and Countess Bathory are great, except this marks the third time that the latter has been on a Sigh release. Excessive? You decide.

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