Saturday, February 12, 2011

Syphilitic Vaginas / Nunslaughter - Under Satan's Command / Satanic Masturbation [EP] (2009)

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Another killer Syphilitic Vageenz post to add to the growing list on this blog. You know the drill by now, SV plays killer G.I.S.M. worshipping crust as fuck existence blackened speed metal bitch. Nunslaughter actually surprised me with this release. I had never given them the time of day before purchasing this 7", partly in fact due to the Satanic Threat 7" and also in part to them having a release schedule that competes with that of Agathocles and Abigail. But, nonetheless, I was missing out all this time. Nunslaughter is fukkin' killer, bro. For real. It's just a rowdy, raunchy, butt-fukkin' good time. Grab some beer in one hand, some tits in the other, and distort 'til deafness! Keep on it!

more pics after the break.

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